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Humans in AI

My primary stream of research focuses on the sociotechnical dimensions of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) systems and the communities, cultures and practices through which they are enacted. 


Some of the systems I have examined in this context include:

  • Voice analytics technologies 

  • Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) technologies 

  • Voice "engines" (cloning / synthesis technologies)

  • Speaker recognition / voice biometric systems 

  • Acoustic Gunshot Detection Systems (AGDS)

  • Predictive policing technologies


In my current research, I am invested in understanding the epistemic limits of machine learning to critically gauge what kinds of tasks ML should and shouldn't be used for. Generative AI and the cultures of benchmarking in ML are other areas that I have started to explore. 

Digital Platforms x Sound

In addition to my work on AI/ML systems, I've published research on communities that form around digital platforms such as Tinder, Spotify, Thematic, and Instagram, with a focus on their sonic components. 

South Korea & K-Pop

I've also given talks on South Korean pop culture based on my prior experiences as a producer in the K-Pop industry and research on cosmetic surgery culture in South Korea.

Please see publications for a selected list of published papers. 

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